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Blogging for bucks!

Most people write blogs simply to share their opinion on something. But it occurred to me that there must be some more business-minded folks out there, who would have found ways to generate an income using their blogging ability. Seeing … Continue reading

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YouTubing your company

Have you watched any Youtube videos in the past week? I am confident that your answer will likely be a “yes”. Even if you haven’t, this video should get you started: This was taken right off Youtube Trends, which is a … Continue reading

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Like it. Check it. Buy it. Share it!

Facebook likes – I click it a couple of times a day, either on friends’ comments, wall posts or photos. These ‘likes’ then gets updated to our own profile, showing others our facebook activities – what we like, what we … Continue reading

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Business conferences with Skype…or Vidyo?

Julia J. Nowadays, everyone is connected with everyone and everything. Therefore many social networks and programs are available. When I was younger, about 13, I started to use ICQ to chat with friends who did not live in Berlin. Later, … Continue reading

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Providing personal information – A price we have to pay or a simplification in our daily life?

There is no such thing as a free lunch! That sentence I remember very well from our Microeconomics class. Apart from using it in economics, I can say that this is also applicable for the use of social media. If … Continue reading

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Promoting your business with Youtube

– Changyong Yi (299361) – When most people think of Youtube, most likely they think of music videos and self-made videos for some entertaining. But since YouTube is available all over the world with cost of free, it has been … Continue reading

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Be your own travel agent – planning your trip within clicks!

Fanny Sia (326205) Have you ever had the troubles of planning a weekend vacation or a long holiday, not knowing where to begin, what to do or where to research from? This was exactly the predicament I was in a couple of … Continue reading

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