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I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.

Business Network… Business version of Facebook.

Hey guys how are you? Do all of you already set up plans for summer semester break? some of you might work and some of you might go for travel, right? I am currently working at Investment research company here … Continue reading

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Free movies? Torrent…

There’s been a lot of feedback and reaction on this site and others about my c’est la vie attitude towards The Nines showing up on BitTorrent. Some felt I was tacitly endorsing piracy (no), while others wondered if I’d feel … Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine

Last week on the way heading to school, I got a phone call. Everybody may have a rich family member, I do too… for me, my uncle is the one. The uncle called me far from Korea to Germany and … Continue reading

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Private Reserchment.

“Changyong lee” all you need to do is type the name on youtube search box. Hello Everyone… It has been more than a month since I posted some blogs about online marketing (Promoting your business with Youtube). I was just … Continue reading

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Free call

Weekly Blog post, Weekly phone call (at leat)… to whom?? to your parents if you are not originally coming from Berlin. Do you miss your parents?? or your brother and sister?? or your friends?? Maybe for that reason you might … Continue reading

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Chinese Version of Facebook.

Even though I am not Chinese (well kind of… I am korean… no difference for German, aren’t I ??? just kidding… haha ), the country china amazed me a lot since I’ve been the capital city Beijing. why am I … Continue reading

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Online product placement.

Changyong Yi (299361) All of us, we are familiar with 3G or 4G (at least i-phone 3G or 4G) telecommunication term, Which means those mobile telecommunications are already inseparable with our daily life. We enjoy to watch videos on the … Continue reading

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