Say Bye Bye To My Fear Of Technology

Actually, “I see, [it’s really] no big deal, this is how it works…”

To overcome my fear of technology, I started getting to know Firefox better and how the add-ons for Firefox actually work.

The first add-on I installed I did a few weeks ago, when I heard of HTTPS Everywhere. It is a Firefox extension that makes sure that the pages we visit are encrypted and therefore safe to use.

Now, dealing again with the add-ons, I found some more very interesting ones. I tried out StumbleUpon, Preisspion, and the ReminderFox. While I have not deal with those add-ons that much yet, although I think they can be very useful applications, I concentrated more on the WebMail Notifier and Zotero.

To the WebMail Notifier, there is not that much to say, it is a very easy to install add-on for Firefox that checks your email accounts in regular intervals and gives you a signal whenever you got a new mail. After installing the WebMail Notifier, you will see a small icon on the right bottom of your Firefox window. It tells you always how many unread emails you have, but when you get a new mail it will also tell you. By clicking on the little envelop, you get immediately to the front page of your email provider. However, I would advise to deactivate the function that your password and username are saved automatically; otherwise anybody who uses your computer could access your email inbox.

After only using it for a few days, it is already a normal thing for me to check my emails via WebMail Notifier, and I think it is a really good and time saving add-on.

The other add-on I have come to use regularly is Zotero. Zotero is an application that is also installed very quickly and can organize your bookmarks and collection of links in a clear and useful way.                                                                                                                          This is how my collection of links and all the bookmarks looked before I used Zotero:

I had various lists with links randomly grouped. Now, using Zotero, I can say that it is a lot easier to find links again, and to remember why and with which purpose I saved them in the first place.

By clicking on the small icon that says Zotero, a window will open and you can see your collected links, your folders you arranged them in, notes to each and every link, and even tags so that you can make your very own tag cloud for bookmarks and of course categorize the links in different ways.

Another interesting feature is that you can write notes directly on the web pages, or highlight interesting facts.

After working with Zotero for a while, I can really say that my links are now organized and structured in a way that they have not been before. When I am searching for a certain link, I know now where to look for it and I even see links that might be equally interesting for my search as they are connected to the first link.

The add-ons I installed during the last days, but especially Zotero, showed me that you can adjust even browsers according to your needs or interests, and that many really simplify your web work. I am definitely going to look for more useful add-ons for further adjusting Firefox the way I need it.

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2 Responses to Say Bye Bye To My Fear Of Technology

  1. moonjungkoo says:

    Dear Karen,
    It is a little bit weird that we do not need to write a blog here again. Since last wednesday, I have been feeling like missing something out. Something used to fill me up everyweek. . . Honestly, I was quite a bit stressed out due to our weekly, incessant homeworks, and I think you would have a similar feeling like mine. Fortunately, there is still something left for us!! – Commenting on each other’s blogs. Throughout the course of commenting, just for today, I have been learning so many skills – CSS, Groupon, Add-on for Youtube, and so on and so forth.

    Finally, I came across your last post. . . and, again, I am so happy to learn “WebMail Notifier and Zotero.” I think it is a nature of human-being to invent things which we are exactly looking for. As for the WebMail Notifier, this is a so useful tool for me who checking mail box more than 10 times a day. . . By simply using the Notifier, I can save my times greatly! Many thanks to you ^-^

    During this semester, I was feeling like being updated everyweek by friends. Although we do not have any homework, if a something useful tool comes up, please write me here again. So, let me share your incredible moment finding a new way of using information and techknowledge.

    For now, I think I am talking to each and every members of our group! It has been really enjoyable having you here, again thanks to all.


  2. tuucce says:

    Hi Karen,
    I am glad that you are able add a sentence to your post about the fear of technology as ” it is no big deal”.Well, it s really nice to see how you deal with those Add-ons because it has encouraged me to not avoid them that much. The most scary part is they are a lot .There are lots of Add-ons which can be really helpful to use . Zotero has become my favorite after a little searching for my last blog post. One of my reason to start to use it that my all bookmarks used to seem like yours on your screenshot 😀 Therefore, it is worth to get to know it more. Other nice thing is to read such a good post like yours about the topic which i am interested in 🙂 You explained the importance and necessary parts of it well. Good work 🙂

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