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Top Down Approach to HTML

HTML has really, to me, been a subject that I’ve long been wanting to grasp. With the final assignment being to, on our own accord, get to know any of a number of different programs, I decided to combine the … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking and getting ready for the future

After having written a series of posts on several different IT and business related topics I have come to notice that many of the questions I address or ask myself are related to the future development will go and what … Continue reading

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Ethical Hacking, an oxymoron?

Hackers are bad! That’s a fact, isn’t it? They breach the toughest security systems, they steal private data and compromise the safety of millions of innocent computer users, or well – at least the cyber safety. This is what I … Continue reading

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Stratus or Cumulus… Comparing clouds

After writing a blog post about cloud computing, it came as a very welcome surprise to read that Apple did indeed release it’s own version of a cloud platform: the iCloud. This inspired me to pick up the topic again … Continue reading

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In the clouds…

It supposedly holds the key to the future. It promises to take networking and corporate organization to new frontiers. It has become a full-on media buzzword: Cloud Computing. How is it that interest is best captured through the conveyance of … Continue reading

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Who the heck does all that counting?

Of the 133 Million blogs that are currently on the web 80% are abandoned within a month. The average rate of updating is 2-3 times per week. 85% use tags, just beating the 82% that use images to make blog … Continue reading

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Blogging for bucks!

Most people write blogs simply to share their opinion on something. But it occurred to me that there must be some more business-minded folks out there, who would have found ways to generate an income using their blogging ability. Seeing … Continue reading

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