Stephen Hawking and getting ready for the future

After having written a series of posts on several different IT and business related topics I have come to notice that many of the questions I address or ask myself are related to the future development will go and what it has in store for us. How will what is being invented change the world that live in and how will we have to change in order to keep up?

The world is changing. And development is fast. Incredibly fast. So fast indeed that according to the video that I post below, the total collective knowledge on earth doubles every two year, and that it is on an exponential upward slope. As I write this, the information is probably already outdated. What I want now is to figure out what those people that have the necessary background to make a prognostication say about the implications of this development and what we need to know to be somewhat prepared.

Here is the video that got me going on this topic:

An incredible array of data. Stephen Hawking once said that “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. I guess we’ll really have to knuckle down and get intelligent! Here’s how, according to those who hopefully know what they’re talking about:

According to Dr. Mani (his blogger name) the biggest point is that we need to adapt. Especially in business it is crucial to keep moving constantly. As a professional information marketer, this blogger seems to know what matters and gives down-to-earth, graspable advice on how to navigate into a future of explosively fast growth in knowledge. Especially in terms of technology we are faced with a “do or die situation”, meaning that we have to go with the flow to be any serious competition to others.

Basically, it mainly boils down to a personal attitude though. Chris Sacca, a successful venture investor, held an awesome speech about the kind of attitudes we need to live in a world where everything is changing. We need to be positive and capable of starting over whenever we need to. Together with the dangers that constant change brings is endless opportunities. We need to be offensive. Not aggressive, but able to start projects. Harness the energy to create businesses and initiatives.

This is powerful advice. As always the world around us calls for a certain way of life and so, too, now, we need to see the happenings around us and live accordingly, if we want to keep up. And by keeping up I don’t mean to be successful and beat others to the one single prize. I mean to maintain a calm and peaceful judgment, which is only possible when we know that we are up to date with what is new and necessary to know in the environment we live in.

That’s what I believe I have learned in the course of the various blogs I’ve written. Getting back to the video I inserted above, it is probably the most valuable skill to keep up with the knowledge that there is around us. One way education is not enough when everything is outdated by the time you walk out of the class room. We need to be active and energized and develop and instinct for finding the new and the important information among the flood available to us. Lastly, getting back to Stephen Hawkings: Let’s get intelligent, and adapt!

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2 Responses to Stephen Hawking and getting ready for the future

  1. Franzi says:

    Hey Johann!
    It was a pleasure reading this! It actually sounds like a speech you are giving. Quite convincing, by the way. I feel a bit brainwashed, now. 😀
    Your style of writing is incredibly good. I really like that you start and end your mainpart with Stephen Hawkings’ statement.
    Moreover I like the video, all those “Did you know” videos are really interesting.
    I found another kind of “Did you know” video, too, called “The World is Changing Fast” from 2009.

    One thing, maybe some more words in bold would make it easier to get the main point of each paragraph immediately.
    Anyhow, good job! 😉

  2. lenahaase says:

    great post!
    Like Franzi already said, it really makes me think! You seem to have a natural sense to find exactly the right words in order to convince your reader and to make it very interesting. I like your thought process and the conclusion you came up with. In my opinion, you are completely right! Learning is nothing we just do at one certain time in life, we have to keep up! Long-life learning might become a key characteristic in the future because the world is changing so fast.
    However, even if this is a very general topic, I would like to read different opinions on it. I did some research on it and maybe you are interested in getting to know other views! Check out this pdf:

    By finding other sources, you get also the opportunity to include more links in your post!

    All in all, good job!

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