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Overcome the fear of technology – An introduction to Picasa

When I was still a little younger and internet was new to the world I was actually one of the people who was really into that topic and I spent loads of time in front of the PC in order … Continue reading

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Out of Control!

There are many reasons why one can like new technologies and technological innovations. But on the other hand there are also many reasons that make me skeptical about this entire information sharing and digitalization processes. I always saw on the … Continue reading

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Online lectures?

At the Free University of Berlin I got in touch with so called online lectures for the first time. I was attending a course on E-Business and my professor was absolutely into new information technologies. We had classes like usual … Continue reading

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IT’s influence on education

We have experienced many kinds of inventions over the last decades but the internet is by far one the most important ones. In changed the world in a way that is seems impossible to life without it. As the internet … Continue reading

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Stupid or ingenious?

A few days ago I was watching a very interesting documentary about bushmen somewhere in South America and while watching I was really amazing of the people’s ability to live with the nature and to think about complex problems. I … Continue reading

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Shake your booty – and practice at home

Last week when I went to my weekly Salsa lessons we were taught many new and complicated moves. Especially the men have to keep the steps in mind and practice to lead the woman correctly. After class the teacher mentioned … Continue reading

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Information accessable from all over the world? Just drop it in a Box.

Well, I just found out that my group member Fanny Sia just uploaded an article on the same topic as I worked on. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do research and to write a new article. What is … Continue reading

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