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Stratus or Cumulus… Comparing clouds

After writing a blog post about cloud computing, it came as a very welcome surprise to read that Apple did indeed release it’s own version of a cloud platform: the iCloud. This inspired me to pick up the topic again … Continue reading

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Open Source and the market

After writing about what is happening where with regards to Open Source software and services in my previous blog, I now want to take a closer look at the implications for the traditional market model out there. What does it … Continue reading

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Providing personal information – A price we have to pay or a simplification in our daily life?

There is no such thing as a free lunch! That sentence I remember very well from our Microeconomics class. Apart from using it in economics, I can say that this is also applicable for the use of social media. If … Continue reading

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Open Source vs. Proprietary software

A relatively old and yet still current issue in the software industry is the existence of an open source initiative which undermines proprietary software maker’s revenues by offering similar or the same services for no cost. How this is possible … Continue reading

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We can google you!!

Student name : Changyong Yi Student number : 299361 After we have talked about google privacy with the cartoon , I searched up my name in Google and I found myself at there. Search title : Changyong yi at google … Continue reading

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