Promoting your business with Youtube

– Changyong Yi (299361) –

When most people think of Youtube, most likely they think of music videos and self-made videos for some entertaining.

But since YouTube is available all over the world with cost of free, it has been a great and the best tool for everyone in the world to advertise themselves or their products.

It has been a sensation (hallyu) in the country that I come from (S.Korea), lots of K-pop music got more than half million hits less than 2 weeks in Youtube using Youtube, and now K-pop is getting more and more famous across Asia and Japan to Europe and America.

S.Korean Music entertainment companies used Youtube to promote their Product (K-pop), since then they are top ranked in Japanese oricon chart and other Asian countries.

According to Oricon, the Japanese billboard ranking, the sales of the “Girls Generation (SNSD)” group’s second single hit 100,000, a sales performance on a par with Japanese pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki.  The economic impact of Korean music in Japan is expecting to continue to expand.

Interestingly for all of this amazing profit, the main adverting tool was free of charge YouTube web site.

Then how can we use this amazing free of charge marketing tool to promote ourselves or any of our commercial products.

Here are some tips for that.

First you need to customize your Youtube channel so that you can get feedbacks (for marketing videos) from your customers. It will be a compliment for your branding

Second you need to use keyword searches so that your future customers can search your product by category, features and more.

Third you need to make sure that people are finding your products, for this you must tag your videos and channel properly.

Properly describe your channel, and pay attention to product (your marketing videos) titles.

(you can get more informations by searching up : “how to use youtube for marketing” on google )

Such as :


After all of your efforts, it seems like you are still having some troubles to get attention from Youtube users from all over the world.

Don’t worry like google search after you got more than certain amount of views, your marketing video would come out on the first search results.

For this you can visit this web site and buy Youtube Views.

Good luck with your Marketing production videos.


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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6 Responses to Promoting your business with Youtube

  1. sarilin says:

    Interesting ! I did not hear about those youtube channels before and that they actually can be used for marketing. I always thought of youtube just as a tool used by people to promote their crazy performances or some talents they got but not that it can be used in a professional way.
    By the way cool music clips you uploaded – I havent seen those at all ;). Extremely entertaining 😉

  2. angiethiem says:

    Haha – Chang I really like you and your crazy ideas! Every other week you inform us more about your homecountry and you invite all of us to get to know more. I love that patriotism (guess because most of us dont have it…)!!! The links at the end make it very easy for people who are acutally interested into the marketing idea to find their way around and make it real… good guideline! Keep on writing your stuff – very funny and enjoyable 😉

  3. sasha1989 says:

    Hi Chang,
    I found your blog post very interesting! I have never thought about it before!
    It’s amazing how companies find so unusual places for marketing!
    I checked information about it and look what i found:
    There is a forum where people discuss about startegies, advantages, they give tipps and so on.
    May be it would be interesting for you 😉

  4. Hi my friend,
    I liked your post; it is true that nowadays YouTube turned to the best advertising Broadcasting Website. If we look to the history of it, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (owners)aimed to use the easy way of sharing the videos and digital photos, because they worked like photographers, and they found it difficult to share the video clips and photos with other guests via e-mail, because files were enough large to squeeze through the E-mail or web sites like Flickr. Realizing that digital photos were easier to share was possible in another way, but the question was HOW? So they created this website in a ‘ Garage’.
    And the question: ‘Why am I telling this?’, ‘Why does YouTube turning to the Advertising Website?’
    There are a lot of websites which broadcast like YouTube, but most of us use it, because, it is interesting, effective, useful, helpful, funny and a broad choice of advertising and teaching videos. Today, there are over 400,000,000 users all over the world. YouTube is important for everyone and helps us find the solution and share useful info. The main thing it is free to advertise and already popular among us, that’s why everybody wants to use it.
    So Chang, it is better when you give more information about it by using ‘how and why’ questions. Sonst alles in ordnung.
    Best wishes Eldiar

  5. lenahaase says:

    Hey Chang,
    I think, it’s very interesting that you try to show us how we can use youtube as a tool to promote our business. I was wondering, if you have some experiences in this field yourself? How did you get the idea to write something about it? Have you created some clips yourself? In each case, very nice done! Looking forward to the next one!

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