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Have you watched any Youtube videos in the past week? I am confident that your answer will likely be a “yes”. Even if you haven’t, this video should get you started:

This was taken right off Youtube Trends, which is a blog that functions as a one-stop shop for what’s hot on everyone’s youtube playlists right now. They even have a Trends Dashboard, where we can filter the hottest videos according to our area and age group, and watch what is relevant to us. We can even compare videos side by side!

Youtube Trends: Comparing videos

After reading Changyi’s post about promoting a business on Youtube, it got me thinking about how businesses can use Youtube as an effective tool for them to reach out to the mass audience.

80 million videos are watched by over 2 billion people each day on Youtube, and most of these views are the videos that appear in the “Videos” page, which shows the Daily Most Viewed videos. Now with YouTube Trends, this figure is only set to increase. This just shows the immense potential that viral marketing has and the exposure it can bring to companies.

Here I have compiled a few tips on how to use YouTube effectively to market your videos:


If you haven’t heard of this before, this isn’t the act of affection displayed by lovers, nor the American hard rock band. It is actually the acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid! This design principle tells you that you must make sure your video is simple but eye-catching, and gets to the point. This website also suggests keeping your videos funny and short so as to be attention-grabbing. The video should be something that people will want to show to their friends, who want to show to their friends in turn, to fully reap the benefits of viral marketing.

Here’s one example of an interesting Sony Cybershot advertisement I found, which utilises this principle to its advantage:

2. Use keyword tags and persuasive titles

Tag your videos so that others can use keyword searches to find them. Use layman terms and words that you expect your target audience to enter into the search box so that it will lead them directly to your video (Read more here.) The title that you choose for your video is also of paramount importance. You should use catchy and (sometimes misleading) titles that will make viewers click on your video and watch it. Video titles can be changed as many times as you like, so you could change the title to a more relevant one once it has achieved its purpose of generating enough traffic. For example, titles with the words/phrases “Exclusive” or “Behind the scenes preview” tend to get more views.

3. Customise

Companies should customise their Youtube channels so that it is specific to that company and their products. This way, people can subscribe to their channel and receive video updates. One notable example is Blentec, which is a company selling blenders and electronic products.  Blendtec: created their “Will it blend?” series of videos that had its first video hit 6 million views on Youtube. Their online sales have grown by 500% ever since the introduction of these videos. Impressive!

Here’s a popular video of the iPad (gasp!) being blended:

4. Generate traffic

The main reason for using YouTube as a marketing tool is to leverage on the large viewership it has. You need to ensure there are enough hits on your videos so that it will appear at the top of the YouTube search results! One way is to embed the YouTube video in your website (if you have one in the first place) or pay individuals who run the relevant blogs to embed your videos in their sites.  I was also really intrigued by the website that Chang showed in his blogpost, where we can buy YouTube views. Facebook is also a really good way to share videos and let it propagate through your friends, your friends’ friends and so on.

As we can see, using YouTube as a marketing tool isn’t rocket science, and can be a really powerful method to reach out to many customers at little or no cost! So, if you have your own company or are thinking of setting up one, start YouTubing today!

Click here for more useful tips and succcess stories .

Iris Ng (326027)

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5 Responses to YouTubing your company

  1. Fannysia says:

    Hello iris 🙂 thank you for the very informative post and it was indeed very interesting ! I like how u presented your viewpoints and how u inserted interesting videos into the post 🙂 furthermore the post was very well structured and ur topic was very intriguing 🙂 it led me to think of viral marketing that some established companies does and using YouTube 🙂 and how all these viral videos actually spread thru YouTube and video hosting websites and gain enough popularity to be the talk of people. In return, the company gains recognition. This is one example of viral videos from ikea I managed to find :
    Thank you for the good read :))

  2. irisng13 says:

    I managed to chance upon another site offering good advice on how to optimise your YouTube videos and let them get found easier.

    Check this link out:

    enjoy 🙂

  3. Nadja K. says:

    Hey Iris,
    thank you for this great insight. Your post was very informative and you offered a wide range on hints how to best implement viral marketing.
    For next time, you might want to include your personal opinion. It would be really interesting to know how you think about the subject. Other than that, I really liked your post (plus the links you gave)!

    Besides, there is an extremely entertaining advertising campaign by Old Spice which was launched not a while ago. It got quite known during the Super Bowl and is a great example on how successful viral marketing can be!

    Cheers, Nadja.

  4. Nadja K. says:

    1,2,3,4 This is just an experiment 😉 Want to have the video embedded on WordPress. If you mind, you surely can delete it.

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