Business conferences with Skype…or Vidyo?

Julia J.

Nowadays, everyone is connected with everyone and everything. Therefore many social networks and programs are available. When I was younger, about 13, I started to use ICQ to chat with friends who did not live in Berlin. Later, with 16, I switched to MSN and not very long ago I droped MSN and used Skype instead. The surface is not as nice as MSN’s but it is much more convenient to make calls . The connection is mostly very good and you can do other things beside and do not need to type anything or hold a telephone on your hands.

I know that most of my friends use Skype privately. Many of us have friends or relatives abroad and Skype offers an opportunity to have a face-to-face talk with them.

But, what works for private users should also work for Businesses. I was wondering how deep this technology has already found its way into the world of business.

I know from a friend that telephone interviews are becoming very usual these days. The companies can interview many applicants and get a first impression of them. I know that many applicants are very unsecure and nerveous because they cannot see their counterpart but one advantage is that they can put their notes in front of them to be ready to answer any specific question.

But even telephone interviews get more and more replaced by Skype interviews where it is possible to see the other person. I also experienced a Skype interview already. One year ago I applied for a Volunteer Program in China. In order to get a placement it was necessary to talk to the head of this NGO via Skype, so she could get an impression and decide wether I was a fitting candidate. Fortunately,  I got this placement and participated in that program. It is sometime unbelievable for me to see what modern information technology allows us. Fifty years ago, China was as far away as the mars for many people and nowadays you push a button and have a face-to-face talk with somebody who sits in an office somewhere in the middle of China. These technologies allow people to handle business matters within a short time and at a very low cost. Especially small firms, which normally operate on a very limited budget, can benefit from that opportunity.  Very costly business travels could possibly replaced by Skype interviews. That way, travel expenses can be reduced while  relationships with clients and investors can be improved.

So far so good, but as most Skype users know, the connection is sometimes very bad which makes the quality suffer. That is why I was wondering if Skype is really suitable for interactive business meetings. During my research I found another technology that I haven’t heard of before. It is called Vidyo. The following video I found on Youtube gives a good overview of this competitive alternative.

Vidyo is arguing that they offer a better video and voice quality as well as different features which makes business conferences more convenient. I found another video on Youtube which demonstrated the difference in quality between Skype and Vidyo.

We see that this environment is also starting to become higly competitive and that each of the technologies is trying to build a strong brand in order to get more market share.

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12 Responses to Business conferences with Skype…or Vidyo?

  1. Sonja says:

    Hey Julia,

    I really like how you talk about the use of new technologies as skype for business issues, especially how you also refer to the downsides of it, like the bad quality, I also wondered about that before how to conduct a sucessful skype conference concidering its bad quality. The alternative to skype Vidyo that you are presenting is totally new to me so its interesting to be informed about this. I liked how you contrasted skype to Vidyo by showing two videos. I would just maybe shorten the introductory part a little bit and more focus on the comparison . all in all well done!

  2. itjohanna says:

    Hey Julia!

    For starters I want to thank you for choosing this topic!
    It’s striking that applications like Skype are more and more used in the business world, I am sure that the use is reducing costs and facilitating communication.
    I use Skype nearly everyday as my boyfriend is Argentinian and this is the best way to communicate for us, however I also know the problem of lacking quality due to a bad connection, that’s why I grew interested in this new application Vidyo and I started raiding the pages you recommended.
    However I still didn’t get how (and if) we can use Vidyo on a private level!
    I tried to find out if it costs something using it, did you come accross that information while researching?

    Interesting topic probably all of us are inerested in, good job!

    Greetings ,

  3. Dian Stefanov says:

    I really want to congratulate you about the choice of your topic. In my opinion sharing any kind of confidential information through the internet is very dangerous, and I would not recommend to anyone do that. But as you mentioned technologies such as Skype, where people can communicate free of charge are becoming more and more practical to share information with others. Now a lot of companies are saving time and money by using such technologies in their day to day business activities. Meeting face to face in initial conversations has even become something from the past for some companies.

    Nice one!

  4. Hey Julia,
    thanks for this nice introduction into ths topic. Using skype is something that became routine for me during my stay in the USA last year. I skyped with my firends and familiy a lot and I really think it is a helpful and amazing tool to stay connected. I really enjoy reading now abot the business use of it. During my last semester brake I did an internship in an international company and the recruiter often had interviews with candidates from all over the world. It was too expensive though to fly all of them into Germany. So they used Skype as well. It is an amazing thing to reduce costs and time expenditure. you mentioned the downside of Skype and new possibilities which might def. be really interesting for people all over the world. Your post is interesting for everyone, Thank you 🙂

  5. SparklinGesine says:

    Hi Julia,

    you did a very good job with this blog post. I liked the way you showed your own history of communication applications and how you got this job in China via Skype. You ended with this new and absolutely fascinating software called Vidyo. The comparison video was striking and I had to laugh about the bad quality of skype (because I got used to it…). Like Johanna, I would like to know how and when we can use Vidyo?

  6. Franzi says:

    hey julia!
    i´ve never heard of vidyo before but thx to you i now know what it is. it was a good idea to explain the difference in quality between skype and vidyo by including that entertaining video. and i agree with johanna it´s a really interesting topic you chose.
    i´m looking forward to read your next post! 🙂

  7. karenge says:

    Hey Julia,
    you found a topic that has definitely increasing interest because it is useful for private persons as well as businesses, as you mentioned.
    It is very good that you tell us your experience with Skype, so you make it a personal story, but I think you might have shortened your personal aspects a little. I really like the comparison of Skype and Vidyo and of course to get to know an alternative to Skype because I haven’t heard of Vidyo before.
    Very good choice of the videos!

  8. unitedtribes says:

    Hey Julia,
    great post there. I like the way you view the topic from various different angles, bring in your personal experience and embed it in that of the general public. You seem to know what you are talking about and included very interesting videos too.
    Great job there. Johann.

  9. Hi Julia,
    I am really interested in your post, it is very practical and popular topic, you remind me my first facing with skype, it happenned when I looked for a job in Kyrgyzstan, I never heard what skype was about. Firstly I saw it when I was interviewed by my Boss who sits in Belgium. So my first impression about the skype is still exists, now I got used it.Now the connection and quality changed to the better.
    Well, I liked your perfect interesting post, thank you keep going
    Best regards Eldiar

  10. garciana says:

    Hey Julia,

    You did a very good job introducing your topic and linking it to your various personal experiences. This shows that master the art of telling a story. 😉
    I did not know Vidyo either, thanks for sharing the information.
    The introduction could be shortened a little bit but I liked you did not go into technical details in the main part but showed us the videos instead. Your conclusion is short but perfectly fitting since it leaves us with a true statement worth reflecting about.
    I would just like to add that Skype is nowadays also used for in-office communication as well as for communication for employees working from home. Another advantage of this new technologies…

  11. lenahaase says:

    Hi Julia,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post! Not only because I am a Skype lunatic myself, but also you showed me a different opportunity to realize online conversations. I would have loved to get more information about Vidyo because I haven’t heard of it before. Can everyone use it? Is it for free?
    But anyway, thanks for informing us that there are other ways!
    Great job!

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