Like it. Check it. Buy it. Share it!

Facebook likes – I click it a couple of times a day, either on friends’ comments, wall posts or photos. These ‘likes’ then gets updated to our own profile, showing others our facebook activities – what we like, what we see, what we follow. Taking a step further, the act of sharing our activities online has spread to beyond the facebook webpage. I thought about times where I clicked the blue icon ‘like’ on websites like, on blogs etc. I thought about times where I shared links of interesting websites, youtube videos and even discounts and promotions on facebook. 

Just today, I was browsing my newsfeed and something caught my eye. “$15 for $30 worth of Japanese Cuisine at Waraku Marina Square Singapore”. I clicked, and it led me to where you can purchase special local deals at jaw-dropping prices. Immediately, I signed up. And shared this awesome website to all my friends on facebook via a facebook plugin on the site (what’s more, you can a $10 recommendation reward for every friend that purchases a deal through your link!

I then remembered this blogpost written by one of my colleagues at school – Saving big bucks – How we can greatly benefit from Facebook marketing. She illustrated how companies have realized the importance of facebook in their advertising and promotion efforts and how many companies have used Facebook Deals to give free gift coupons and gain recognition or popularity.

Indeed so, many companies have risen up to realize the importance of diving into the sea of online commerce and even more, they have to add a dash of social-touch into it (eg. Incorporating social media, social website plug-ins). The term ‘Social Commerce’ has become a new big thing – Wired Feb 2011 Cover Story on Social Commerce. The post provides insights to how social commerce can generate business opportunities due to behaviors of the new generation – greatly influenced by peers, social circle and the want to influence others.

Another blogpost has also illustrated that social commerce has also led to established companies (eg. Levi’s) joining in the game of providing the consumers a better buying experience through enabling our own friends to be shopping with us online (even if they are physically absent), playing a part in recommending and commenting on products etc.

Furthermore, we live in networks that influence us, in every way – the manner we dress, the food we eat, the gadgets we purchase, the brands we buy. We want to know what our friends think – which good deals our friends have, which line of clothing they like, which brands are sought after, which styles are in, and which are out. (I would always paste online links of clothing I want to purchase to my friends and consult their opinions.

I agree that social commerce is indeed the next big thing to explore. Going into social commerce is a way where companies show understanding of what motivates us in the way we act. Social commerce allows retailers to sell where we consumers spend our time. This is no doubt a cost-efficient manner for companies to capture and reach out to new group of consumers (social-network shoppers).

So, the next time you click the familiar ‘thumbs-up’ icon or share a link on facebook, you’re already part of the social commerce movement!

fanny sia (326205)

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One Response to Like it. Check it. Buy it. Share it!

  1. tuucce says:

    I really like the title you used because when you first read it, it reminds you what you do almost every they via social networks and commerce.Most of people are a part of this social commerce , because its almost impossible to ignore. It makes our life easier! Even for a business life. Its not just sth about you like or share.It influences others as well. When you share sth , you also make an advertisement of it to others and that makes you a part of social commerce.Therefore, i like your blog post with this important topic and web sites you have provided us to get more information 🙂
    Well done

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