Bookmarking made Yummy with Delicious

I admit, I have a fear of technology. Alright, considering the fact that I write blogs, use tumblr, surf on facebook, I adore technology and the convenience and power it brings me! So, I would say, I have a fear of what goes behind the stage of technology. HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL etc – technological terms drive me crazy. So when Dr. B gave us this assignment of exploring web work and getting ourselves to overcome our fear of technology, I knew this week wasn’t going to be easy…

Finding my interest in webwork is the hardest part. So, we always say the web is our best SOS helpline, I can’t agree more. I managed to google and read about interesting plugins available for internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and content management systems like WordPress. And thus, I started bookmarking these sites on Chrome and soon enough, I find myself staring at a list of sites and not knowing where to begin in this mess of bookmarking with no organization.

I need to fix this mess, I tell myself. I went to my SOS helpline again (overly dependent on it but hey it is really really useful! Try it!) and this is how I came to finding my topic for webwork exploration today – Social Bookmarking.

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Your very own News Feed!

Being the Internet-hungry netizens we are today, I can safely say that we are not unfamiliar with Facebook, and more importantly the Facebook News Feed. In fact, I dare say that it was the introduction of these News Feeds that revolutionized Facebook and pushed it up the rungs to the top of the social ladder today. The reason why we are so caught up with Facebook these days is because of the self-updating feature of the news feed- it gives you the information so “in your face” that it unknowingly piques your interest and leads you to check out your friend’s latest happenings simply by scrolling down the page.

During Dr. B’s class on Webwork, he introduced a feature on Google called Google Reader. This was something new to me, even though I use Gmail and Google Docs on a regular basis. If you use Gmail too, the “Reader” tab is just at the top of your inbox screen, along with “Documents” and “Photos” etc.

Essentially, Google Reader works just like the Facebook News Feed, showing you updates and new posts from your favourite sites, all customized to your preference.

I clicked “Reader” and this screen came up. I was a little lost at first, at how to navigate the page. But it wasn’t long before I started figuring out my way around. I started off by “Adding subscriptions” to my Reader, simply by copying and pasting the URL of a site I want to keep track of, into the space given.

I added the blog addresses of the other groups in my BusApps class, so that I can keep track of their weekly posts. This actually made it more convenient for me to read and comment on posts across various blogs, because they were all consolidated in one place! I just had to scroll down and see which blog title catches my eye, click it and read. Piece of cake! It made commenting much faster too. Here’s how it looks like:

To think that before I started using Google Reader, I had to open up separate tabs of the different blogs and scroll through laboriously to check for new posts. In contrast, Google Reader has really made my life much more effective!

Excited by this customizable “News Feed” of mine, I started exploring alternatives. I have an interest in Human Resources, so that’s the direction I took. When I did the blogpost about social recruiting, I found some insightful and engaging HR sites, and added those to my Reader. Now, I can stay updated about the newest insights in the HR field. Who knows, just like Dr B says, my future employer may well be one of the authors of these posts! Even if that doesn’t work out, the HR information I have garnered from these sites will no doubt stand me in good stead when pursuing a future career in this area.

Some exciting features of Google Reader:

–          Functions almost like an email inbox: Google Reader shows you which posts you have read and which you haven’t (highlighted in bold text), making it easier to track where you have left off. I can even select a certain post and “Mark as Unread” so I can remind myself to come back to it at a later time.

–          Sorting:

After adding so many links, I realised the need to have some order and structure. I clicked the “Manage subscriptions” button and it allowed me to create folders and put relevant links into those folders. It was a quick and easy way of helping me de-clutter and gain access to the links I want in a shorter time.

–         Read anywhere, anytime: Since Google Reader is internet based, this means I can access it anywhere as long as I have internet access. I even used it on my iphone to read the latest blogposts on-the-go.

This is why I like to call Google Reader my very own News Feed. No more laborious trawling through your favourite websites daily, when everything is all accessible with a scroll and a click!

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File sharing – Good for users, but damage for industries?

Digging further into the topic of file sharing after my last post about the blocking of the online movie portal, I started considering the music industry as well and the possible effects on corporations in the movie and music business. Continue reading

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Apps Controversy

Angry Birds. Whatsapp. Beluga. I am sure all these applications (apps) are not unfamiliar to Apple users. It is no denying that our society loves apps and how apps provide us with so much entertainment and convenience. For instance, the all-cute-and-entertaining smartphone app, Angry Birds from Ruvio, has hit 250 million downloads.

However, not all apps are friendly and not all apps stay in the App Store without controversy. Apple has removed several controversial apps from their app store which caused a huge uproar in the social community, some even alerting the government authorities.

This led me thinking – how did Apple allow these apps to be on the App Store in the first place?

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Free movies? Torrent…

There’s been a lot of feedback and reaction on this site and others about my c’est la vie attitude towards The Nines showing up on BitTorrent. Some felt I was tacitly endorsing piracy (no), while others wondered if I’d feel the same if I had financed the movie, rather than writing and directing it. So I thought I’d address and clarify some of these issues. Continue reading

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Shining the spotlight on social recruiting

We all know how important social networking is in our lives today. However, you may not have thought of the importance of social networking for another purpose – recruitment. In one of my previous posts I talked about LinkedIn and how it can be used as a good way to make yourself stand out among the many other candidates for a specific job. However, in this post I would like to talk about the recruiter perspective instead. Is leveraging on social networking sites an effective way to employ the best candidates for the job? Read on to find out more.

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Stephen Hawking and getting ready for the future

After having written a series of posts on several different IT and business related topics I have come to notice that many of the questions I address or ask myself are related to the future development will go and what it has in store for us. How will what is being invented change the world that live in and how will we have to change in order to keep up?

The world is changing. And development is fast. Incredibly fast. So fast indeed that according to the video that I post below, the total collective knowledge on earth doubles every two year, and that it is on an exponential upward slope. As I write this, the information is probably already outdated. What I want now is to figure out what those people that have the necessary background to make a prognostication say about the implications of this development and what we need to know to be somewhat prepared. Continue reading

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