Business Network… Business version of Facebook.

Hey guys how are you?

Do all of you already set up plans for summer semester break?

some of you might work and some of you might go for travel, right?

I am currently working at Investment research company here in Berlin.

and I am working with this social network web site which called Linkedin.

Have you heard about it before?? If not, it is still nothing to worry about.

Linkedin is Business version of Facebook.

Here are the reasons why linkedin is good to use.

(I found through some blogs)

If your only experience with social networking has been with connecting with old high school friends via Facebook, it might be difficult to see how online networking can help your business or career grow. Here are eight of the ways that joining LinkedIn can help you:

1. Reconnect with former coworkers, associates and acquaintances in seconds. Think of LinkedIn as a more powerful version of the trusty Rolodex. A LinkedIn connection request is an easy way to touch base with former colleagues and keep their contact information handy without too big of a time commitment for either party.

2. Find a new or better job. You can search LinkedIn for companies that are currently looking for employees with your skill set and send in your resume. Better yet, you can see if you have any connections within companies that are hiring to get the inside scoop.

3. Share your expertise in the LinkedIn Answers section. This is an excellent way to establish your authority in your field and make new connections. Not an expert yet? Don’t be afraid to ask thoughtful questions; people love to have the opportunity to help and it’s another good way to get your name out there. Just be careful to not come across like a kid looking for others to do their homework for them!

4. Manage your search engine results. LinkedIn has a high Google Page Rank and your profile should be one of the first results for your name. What would you rather potential employers and clients to see? Your carefully crafted LinkedIn profile or that not very flattering photo of you on your sister-in-law’s website?

5. Find the perfect guy or gal for the job. Use LinkedIn search feature to find potential employees and freelancers that fit your needs. You can also reach out to your network to get personal recommendations.

6. Research the competition. It will take a little digging, but LinkedIn can be a rich source of information about companies that offer similar products or services, market trends and consumer demand. You can also use LinkedIn to talk with potential customers to find out their needs and desires.

7. Get some background information. Do a search on LinkIn before you go for an interview, sales call or to present a proposal. You might find out that you have a contact who can give you valuable information or find that you have points in common with those you’ll be speaking to that could serve as an icebreaker.

8. Build stronger relationships. Helping people is not only the nice thing to do, it’s also the best way to build connections that can help you out when you least expect it. The time to start is before you need help as others can usually sense when we are approaching them with an ulterior motive and tend to shy away. Share your expertise and recommendations generously and you’ll find that others will be glad to do the same when you can use a hand.

I am using my boss’ account so it would be hard for you to find me there.

anyway this website is really awesome that you can find the business people and partners world wide.

Think about it to open up new business social network account.


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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One Response to Business Network… Business version of Facebook.

  1. Hi Chang,
    I am really impressed by your ability to make a really easy to understand explanations. You really did a great job by this blog post because, I do not know for the others but, you really make me curios to explore more on that topic.
    I also really enjoyed reading your post because of its neat structure. And also I think that opening social network account is so good idea for future, especially for those who is eager to expand his business sphere. I will keep in my mind. Thank you for your sharing Mr. Chang.
    Eldiar Nyshanov

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