Bookmarking made Yummy with Delicious

I admit, I have a fear of technology. Alright, considering the fact that I write blogs, use tumblr, surf on facebook, I adore technology and the convenience and power it brings me! So, I would say, I have a fear of what goes behind the stage of technology. HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL etc – technological terms drive me crazy. So when Dr. B gave us this assignment of exploring web work and getting ourselves to overcome our fear of technology, I knew this week wasn’t going to be easy…

Finding my interest in webwork is the hardest part. So, we always say the web is our best SOS helpline, I can’t agree more. I managed to google and read about interesting plugins available for internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and content management systems like WordPress. And thus, I started bookmarking these sites on Chrome and soon enough, I find myself staring at a list of sites and not knowing where to begin in this mess of bookmarking with no organization.

I need to fix this mess, I tell myself. I went to my SOS helpline again (overly dependent on it but hey it is really really useful! Try it!) and this is how I came to finding my topic for webwork exploration today – Social Bookmarking.

What Social Bookmarking is…

Social bookmarking is tagging a website and saving it as a bookmark on the webs as compared to saving bookmarks onto your web browser.

I adore the thought of my bookmarks on the ‘cloud’ for it provides me with accessibility to my bookmarks from any device (as long as I register in a social bookmarking site). Tagging the bookmarks allows me to search my bookmarks using keywords rather than organizing them in folders which is not that useful due to websites that are cross-categories.

The beauty of it all – the social aspect in this bookmarking service. It could be really helpful that not only can I search the tags on my own bookmarks, I can search through the bookmarking site as well and look at sites other users have tagged.

Getting my hands dirty…

There are a couple of tutorials online for signing up with delicious social bookmarking and learning how to import my current bookmarks to delicious.

So, I imported my bookmarks to delicious, and began to sort my bookmarks by tagging them. Tags are important as it makes searching for bookmarks related to the topic I want simple.


Here’s how simple it is to get the list of bookmarks with the tags I want to search. I could even have two or more different tags in one search!


To make things even easier for you when bookmarking, you can install plugins/add-ons for the various internet browsers we use! I could simply click the ‘tag’ button on my browser toolbar to bookmark my desired page and it will automatically be updated on my delicious account.


How yummy it is with Delicious?

  •  It helps me in filtering websites – those that has 100 over people bookmarking them compared to only a handful of another webpage. No more looking for a needle in a haystack – we benefit from the community’s collective recommendations!
  •  I can be exposed to differing opinions and perspective about a certain topic or issue. We may end up gaining new perspectives about a topic/issue.
  •  Making social connection to other users. Whether you find someone like-minded, or whether you would like to share your bookmarks to your friends, or vice-versa, this is an extremely good platform to share through your personal network established via the bookmarking site.

It is clear that social bookmarking values the idea of collective knowledge and information sharing. Like what we always learn, sharing of information with one another will confer us the power of greater knowledge.

Bookmarking with Delicious has helped me a lot in organizing my different webpages for different modules of study, for entertainment or for online shopping (oh yay!)! With delicious, tagging and bookmarking become fun and no more a chore!

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3 Responses to Bookmarking made Yummy with Delicious

  1. lisabu00 says:

    great post you wrote. Really really interesting. I’ve never heard of this before, so thank you for the information 😉
    As soon as I read this, I wanted to look for other social bookmarking sites and found this one:
    I already opened an account.. really cool to see how we can share even things like links, articles and homepages without publishing them on facebook 😉
    But definitly the best thing about them are the tags which makes it so much easier to find what we are looking for and to organize it in a structured way!
    I haven’t bookmarked anything yet, but I will think about it twice if I really want to share it. I think this is a really nice effect – also other people will look if the content of the homepage is appropriate and worth seeing, so a certain quality is kept and no rubbish is bookmarked. But it’s just a thesis. I will check it out and let you know 😉
    very interesing and very well done! 🙂

  2. changyong says:

    Interesting that you wrote about social bookmarking.
    in the moment now I am working in Investment consultation company for short time.
    I am using some sort of social book marking system which is supported by google.
    actually it is not really social bookmarking thing but here in the office ppl use in that way.

    If you are interested in, check out Linkedin.

  3. Iris Ng says:

    Hi fanny, what a yummy-licious post! 🙂

    I have heard of social bookmarking and even heard of Delicious before, but I didnt really know much about it and was too lazy to go find out on my own. After reading this post, i now know much more and it has piqued my interest in using this amazing feature! I’m sure it will help people like me (with not-so-fantastic memory) to save our favourite sites all in one place. The social aspect of delicious makes it even more enticing!

    Now i’ll probably take the chance to leap into my own delicious account soon! Thanks for writing! 🙂

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