Alternative Medicine

Last week on the way heading to school, I got a phone call.

Everybody may have a rich family member, I do too… for me, my uncle is the one.

The uncle called me far from Korea to Germany and all the sudden he was asking me whether I know anyone in Germany related to Alternative Medicine.

I said ‘Yes’ since my Best Brazilian friend Gustavo’s girl friend is German alternative medicine doctor.

 He told me he got new business partner and looking for expanding this business.

He even invited Japanese customers to promote the business for japanese domestic market.

After all he got an idea that since his nephew (Me) is studying in Germany, he could promote the business not only for Asian market but also for EU market.

It was great chance for me (we are business students, it must a great chance), but the thing is i do not have any idea how the German Alternative Medicine Market works.

Especially when the business should go through German Regulation.

Today I am going to write about German Alternative Medicine.

(If any of you have a idea, plz tell me)

I found the information of course from Google blog search.

Search Title : German Alternative Medicine (and some others).

(I was trying to get information for the business part… since the uncle said he will give me a lot of money for helping him when the business go into success)

First of all the definition of Alternative Medicine.

Wiki says Alternative Medicine is “any healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine, or that which has not been shown consistently to be effective”.

[My Questions for the business (the search titles) were ‘How to make this Korean Alternative Medicine Product as famous as Japanese Alternative healing way Reiki’, ‘How to go through German market and it’s regulation with this product.’.]

[For me Reiki was all the time a big lie, healing somebody with only two palms by sending the inner energy.]

[But the thing is, it works in the alternative medicine market, it is one of the biggest one which sweeps the all the money away from the market.]

Natural healing, my uncle said in everyone’s body there are immune systems that heals the body and his product which they got from ‘momordica charantia’ can enhance the system very effectively.

so Let’s see

this blog says (

“Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is further divided into four major categories: biologically based practices, energy medicine, manipulative and body-based practices. In addition, complementary and option medicine entails entire medical systems, in the form of homeopathic medicine, which seeks to stimulate the body’s capability to heal itself standard Chinese Medicine which uses herbs, meditation, and massage to acquire balance in the body Ayurveda which originated in India and Naturopathic Medicine, which supports the body’s capacity to heal itself through the use of dietary and lifestyle changes together with herbs, massage and joint manipulation.”

and this blog mentions (

“Some patients preferred alternative medicine in curing their illnesses other done using medical drugs. Your poster content should have curative benefits which list down all illnesses that can be cured by acupuncture. This way you can attract specific target market depending on the type of disease they want to be cured.”

with some benefit like this.

“Faster recovery from injuries. Acupuncture has a natural way of removing pain from the body because of the increase of blood flow which results to faster recovery. Just like its curingelp in recovering from injuries. You can add some dos and don’ts after having an acupuncture therapy on the content of your posters.”

and here I found the most important information that I was looking for… yeah yeah

(Thanks god for giving us Google)

Online Marketing Secrets for Reiki Masters: How to Promote Reiki


“It is very important that if you are to use a particular online advertising technique then you understand its benefits and also its pitfalls. Writing articles can be very profitable in terms of traffic if you know how to write the article in a compelling fashion, construct a title that draws people to read the article, provides an opening paragraph that keeps them reading, and a final paragraph that forces readers to continue to the resource where your links are.”

umm it seems the marketing got to be hard.

Does anybody know anything how to promote and regulation for alternative medicine??

I need your help!!


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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One Response to Alternative Medicine

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Chang,

    Thanks for that very interesting article! I totally like the idea of introducing alternative medicine to the German market. Since I do not know exactly what kind of products and medication your uncle wants to sell in Germany; I cannot evaluate how successful it might be. As a marketing expert for cosmetics ;), I can tell you that I think that there has been a certain development over the last years. People prefer more and more to buy products containing pure and active natural ingredients over ingredients produced in some laboratory.
    Everywhere you can find products labeled as “natural” or “bio” nowadays, it seems to be a new trend. Another aspect I want to mention is that I think that Germans do not tend to take medicine whenever they feel a little sick (no offense but the French for example are famous for consuming a high amount of pills and medicine each year). Most of the Germans go only to the doctor if they feel terribly sick to get some medicine. Before; they use good old household remedies. In fact I think Germans would first try out alternative medicine and if that would not help, they would get medicine from a doctor. All in all I think those two aspects are supporting the idea of introducing alternative medicine to the German market.

    I found this website online; here is also written that “Homöopathie” is becoming more and more popular in Germany.

    Keep me updated how the business is going. I might want to become your business partner –haha 😉

    Best regards,

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