Private Reserchment.

“Changyong lee” all you need to do is type the name on youtube search box.

Hello Everyone… It has been more than a month since I posted some blogs about online marketing (Promoting your business with Youtube).

I was just wondering how much can it be effective and affective using youtube for Marketing.

For the research I uploaded my two new videos on youtube and advertise them to facebook friends.

It seems affective to use youtube for advertising yourself or your business.

Since I used only facebook to advertise the video (I told the video around 20 ppl to watch and posted it to share with everyone) and I got hit 70 views around 3hours.

(the views doesn’t go up since that time)

of course I have more videos on my youtube channel and one of video that I uploded got views…

ok… then let’s say this way is affective and effective but how can we make many crowds to watch the video…

for that you need to invest some money.

As soon as you have finished your video uploading the web site youtube asks you whether you want to promote this video for business reason.

Actually I do not know how does this youtube promotion work. (you can figure out when you pay some cash to Youtube)

Here are some of example…

Buying Youtube views. (

here you can promote your video (


Best way to promote your video with your business or product is…

put the ads or links at the end of video…

here is the example…

putting up any ads before the video starts seems doesn’t really good idea since the youtube users are not that patient.

Search up “youtube” and “Business” together in anyway such as “Business with Youtube”.

you will get a lot of blogs with useful information.

Here are some of them.


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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