IT’s influence on education

We have experienced many kinds of inventions over the last decades but the internet is by far one the most important ones. In changed the world in a way that is seems impossible to life without it. As the internet has changed our daily life significantly it has also changed the entire education system. Education is an intangible asset and businesses invest a lot in education programs.

This blog points out some of the major advantages that the Internet brings for students and researchers.

Firstly the author states that ‘net usage opens the entire world of info and communication to student’. Internet has made it much easier for researchers to find relevant sources and students have the opportunity to access libraries and e-learning platforms from all over the world. The author mentions very interesting point and that is that nowadays it is inevitable to have a good understanding of IT and new technologies in order to have better career options and better success in the market. Further many companies appreciate if applicants have some overseas experiences. The internet makes it possible to do an internship abroad and at the same time manage the necessary tasks for university at home, for example enrolling into the courses of next semester via online Campus Management systems. This makes life easier for the student and for the University.

On this blog you can find another argument which supports the positive aspects of the internet. It says that especially people who are disabled or have emotional problems highly benefit from it. The author argues that the internet gives them the opportunity to “engage in simple drill and practice, simulations, exploratory, or communication activities that are matched to their individual needs and abilities”.

Pc and multimedia systems have made it possible to link visual imaginary and sound effects which, when linked to data, makes it much easier to comprehend. The human brain normally remembers visualizations and sounds much better than plain written text. Especially students who have understanding disabilities have better chances to enhance their learning.

Therefore, the internet makes it possible for every individual to attain a higher level of education and to have better chances in the job market.

On the other hand it has to be said that Internet also has a negative aspect on learning, which I can confirm from mz own experience. Especially social networks, online gaming and other online entertainment distract students and make them procrastinate instead of concentrating on important tasks.

Like always, there are positive and negative aspects and one should try to make use of the positive ones and avoid the negative part.

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