Free call

Weekly Blog post, Weekly phone call (at leat)… to whom?? to your parents if you are not originally coming from Berlin.

Do you miss your parents?? or your brother and sister?? or your friends??

Maybe for that reason you might go out with your friends.

Well I do… I feel lonely here in Berlin, for the reason I go out with my Berlin buddies during weekend once a while.

Is it only me who prefers to talk to

somebody on the phone because of loneliness?

Yes for me at least.

I go to party, go out for a glass of beer or for being local here in Germany (being a bayer). Why???

Cuz I am lonely…….

Are you still reading this blog???? (thumb up for your patience)

OK… you win…

Now I’ll tell you what…

Well it is not about being lonely (well you can use for personal reason more of course)

Fortunately you are staying in Germany (anywhere in the country) and you are registered in State house phone number.

you can use international phone call for free… wow…

Germany Rock. Best Best Best. (Best Beer, Best woman and the Best Network Service) -> This is the web site that I want to talk about today.

It is not skype… can’t even compare two of them.

the greatness of Peterzahlt can not be compared with such thing like Skype… (well I use skype as well hahaha, skype is very great actually)

It is all free for 30mins house phone to house phone (globally) after 30mins you can call again the same number.

then let me tell you the greatness of the website.

1. you don’t need to download anything, but just need to register.

2. It is free for real.

3. you can talk anybody via the website (which means you can make a phone call to your international business partner or what so ever for free) -> for small company or tiny business it is a huge merit to expand the business globally without any extra cost.

My personal opinion about the peterzahlt :  it is more useful for personal use.

talk free, call free…when you are staying in berlin.


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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One Response to Free call

  1. angiethiem says:

    Thanks for the hint 😉 You actually got me with your introduction… I hope it actually works as easy as you described it because i will def call somebody faaaar far away now. And thank you for the nice words about germany 🙂 … For your next blog: some more information, substitudes or more ideas would make your post even better!

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