Seamless Brand-Blog Partnership, or not?

As previously mentioned and declared, fashion blogs and sites are daily energy boosters for fashion addicts like me. And of course, in our minds we store a list of favorite sites to visit, favorite fashion bloggers to follow. I was hopping around the fashion blogs until I came to chance upon a video on Independent Fashion Bloggers Working with Brands Gracefully that sparked my interest.

The forum held discussed issues on the partnership between brands and fashion bloggers – touching on the ethical branch of fashion bloggers working with brands. Do they sincerely like the product brand or they would just want to generate and accelerate blog traffic by giving blog giveaways – a mere marketing tactic for themselves?

Fashion bloggers are fast becoming the influencers of the social community. Brands are beginning to see the benefits of partnership with them, constantly shifting into the paradigm of blog partnership as a brand promotion.

Amanda Carter, Ellington’s marketing manager says,

“Devoted readers trust the bloggers they follow, so when a blogger writes about her personal experience with a brand or product, it’s as if the reader is getting a recommendation from a friend. There is a value in that element of trust, which is something you don’t typically get with traditional advertising.”

Source: Creative Concepts – Partnering with bloggers will help build your brand

Bloggers often have a pulse on what consumers want, as they actively keep up with the latest developments in their niche offerings in order to ensure that the blog audience remains satisfied. Take advantage of their knowledge and work closely with them, as they can reveal great insight into what your brand could be doing to make itself more appealing.

Source: Maheshkukreja – Promoting your brand through partnerships with bloggers

In my personal opinion, the seemingly seamless partnership between the blog and brand appears to benefit both sides on the surface. Think about it, bloggers that actually use blog giveaways merely as a tactic to generate blog traffic may suffer consequences:

  •  Traffic generated by followers to your blog solely to participate in your blog giveaways will not sustain.
  • Readers of your blog don’t get attached to your blog, your entries and writings if they don’t feel you are sincere about them. They leave your blog if they find your recommendations or partnership with brands aren’t congruent to your fashion style.

For me (a reader of fashion blogs and sites), I would love a chance or two to win a giveaway from your blog, especially from blogs I always visit. This is where trust comes to play – I would love to try the product because I trust what you recommend.

However, the thing is, when the blog gets clogged by excessive giveaways, promotional advertisements from brands, the personality of the blog vanishes and I feel, what’s left is a mere commercialized blog with little style and of course, less value for us readers.

Well, striking the balance (keeping fashion blogs personal yet having advertisements and giveaways) is always the hardest thing to achieve. I feel fashion bloggers should only follow true to their style and feelings about the brand or product and only recommend to their readers only if they truly feel it benefits them.

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