Hype that Look!

I’m a hopeless addict for fashion blogs, fashion tumblrs and fashion sites. I love spending hours browsing and knowing what the newest trends are, how people dress, what’s in and what’s out this season! Well, for all you fashionistas out there, there’s a new (well, maybe not so new) fashion kid in town! Lookbook.nu is exactly what I am going to recommend!

In Lookbook (established in 2008), you can get inspired by trendsetters and fashion lovers all over the world. You can get inspiration for your outfits by looking at the hundreds and thousands of ‘looks’ posted and also, voting (I prefer the word they use – hyping) up your favorite looks! In Lookbook, anyone who’s interested can be a member, joining in the game of posting new ‘looks’ and hyping ‘looks’!

What I adore about Lookbook.nu is that it is a completely user-generated community that connects the members to one another. Everyone gets to express their own style of fashion and your style of fashion can reach people who are on the other half of the world. And of course, Lookbook only survives when it is fed with fashion inspiration from everyone, everyday and everywhere!

Advertising in Lookbook

I love how Lookbook has a feature that allows us fashion lovers to know where that blue top that catches your eyes are from, or which store that red dress can be bought from! Lookbook has consequently opened up channels for small or independent fashion designers to gain popularity and recognition through posting their own creations!

More established fashion retailers or independent fashion designers have also the option of affordable advertising on this online community that has such a focused audience through buying advertising buttons/space on Lookbook! Renowned brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Levi’s have also advertised on Lookbook before!

Supre (an Australian retail store) has collaborated with Lookbook and organized a Lookbook contest where users of Lookbook can participate in a fashion contest and win gift vouchers from Supre! All one has to do is to submit a ‘look’ that incorporates at least one Supre apparel from her wardrobe and the most creative and original ‘look’ will walk away with attractive prizes! Where else better but a place none other than Lookbook to help you increase your brand awareness to your target audience – the fashion seekers!

‘Hype’ for a greater cause

With every ‘hype’ on a ‘look’ submitted to support Japan, Lookbook donates US$1 to the Red Cross towards the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Efforts! In just a single weekend, Lookbook has counted and donated a total of $14,144 to Red Cross.

Stay strong, Japan by Anastasia S.

1000 of wishes for you japan by Any T.

Here for Japan! by Bobby R.

I absolutely am amazed and would applaud Lookbook for its contribution. It is remarkable how online communities can actually brew such great cause, especially when this collaboration was simply initiated by 2 random Lookbook members. The capacity and ability of an online community to create impacts and influence definitely cannot be undermined!

For this, I feel Lookbook members have done exceedingly well.

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One Response to Hype that Look!

  1. Bruce Spear says:

    Just wonderful: you are bringing out my “inner fashionista”!

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