Chinese Version of Facebook.

Even though I am not Chinese (well kind of… I am korean… no difference for German, aren’t I ??? just kidding… haha ), the country china amazed me a lot since I’ve been the capital city Beijing.

why am I talking about china now?

Because china is the world’s most populous country which means single Chinese market would bring a lot of benifits.

-over 1.3 billion people (1,330,044,605 as of mid-2008)-

As the world’s population is approximately 6.7 billion, China represents a full 20% of the world’s population so one in every five people on the planet is a resident of China.

OK… Do all the chinese people have internet access? (probably not everybody but most of them… for this you need to go and see china, don’t depends on the statistics)

well but here’s the thing.

Do you know some of American web sites are forbidden to access when you are in china? (not in hongkong though)

Facebook is one of the example.

If you put into address box on the top of your browser, you can see only white blank page.

why?? (political reason of course)

OK… next… all of us know that we are Internet generation right? yes we are.

think about what can you do without internet?? especially when you live in a city like Berlin. (E-mail, Homework, Googling and etc.)

SNS (Social Networking Service) like Facebook became part of our daily life like checking up your e-mail almost every single day. (Recently I just deactivated my Facebook Account, since the website taking a lot of time away from me…. ummm…haha)

Sorry I wrote something not important till now…

So, what do I want to talk about it with this senseless Chinese Facebook??

Here is the thing Chinese version of ‘Facebook’

It’s called RenRen which means PersonPerson.

(Person to Person?? Face to Face?? Maybe)

Anyway It is exactly chinese version of Facebook, though there are different services that renren provides, the interface is very similar.

(China copied Facebook??? come on no matter what happened, it is none of our business)

Our business is how to get benefit out of it.

Don’t forget that the population of china is 20% of whole world’s population.

if you can take only a buck (dollar) profit out from Chinese population, you are already a billionaire (why? because, $1 multiple 1.3billion peole = $1.3 billion)

Everybody knows that Zuckerberg is daxx xxxxxxx rich.

people who got Facebook share earlier are millionaire now.

We have good news the RenRen is also on Nasdaq so we can get some share if we want.

Since early may 2011 it have been on NASDAQ, so you gotta need to bet on it for a lot of cash.

and of course if you are thinking about to get into chinese market with your own business later (I will, not sure for now wit what I am going to get in the market), it would be the best way to promote your business through people to people via RenRen (Chinese Facebook) as we have been talked a lot here in our blog post. (like how to get or earn cash while doing web surfing or blogging… you know…)

My lovely Friends, If you are more interested in chinese market look up ‘‘ and ‘’ these are Chinese Version of ‘Youtube’.

Changyong Yi (299361)


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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2 Responses to Chinese Version of Facebook.

  1. Dian Stefanov says:

    Hi Chang,

    That was my first time reading one of your blog posts, and what I can tell is that I really approve your writing style. I really like the way you use statistical information in your introduction because by doing so, you enable the reader to “see the big picture” and to convince him that the subject you are going to talk about is really important. This was actually the first time that I hear something about emerging social media in China because I thought that the government does not allow that at all. Anyway, you did a great job with this post.

    Pleasure to reading it!

  2. Julia J. says:

    Dear Chang,

    I was very much caught by your title, me as a China fan. I read your article and I like that you write in a very casual way. I think the topic is very important and you are right when you say that it is necessary to use purely Chinese networks in order to reach the masses over there. I wish you would have given more information about the websete (how many users, who owns it…).
    Actually I heard from a friend that Facebook is not partially allowed in China. And Facebook is trying everything to get a foot into that market. The question is , which compromises will they have to make to achieve that goal (see the google case). The thing is that Chinese people are very nationanalistic and that they would probably always prefer a Chinese Version of everything…That is probably also because the laws are not as strict concerning copyright etc. So many videos are not accessable on Youtube for example, but on you can even stream whole movies….

    Anyways…thanks for your post and I would like to read more topics related to that 🙂

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