How to keep track of your social media engagement

Many of us have written about social media during the last weeks and its influence on our private life but also about impacts and benefits for business. In our daily life we use them to get information, to express ourselves or to just interact with other people; businesses use them to keep track of ongoing trends and customer needs or to advertise their products and services.

According to your intentions how to use social media and for what, you need different types of social media. A lot of names have come up already and I know that there are still many social networks or technologies that no one has mentioned yet.

But honestly, how shall we manage to keep track of the huge amount of offers?

While reading blogs about what others think about this serious problem, I stumbled about a website where new social media tools are presented by online marketing advisors or strategists ( Among others I found Postling which is described as “… a tool that brings together multiple social media channels into one interface.” (Jeff Korhan, professional speaker, consultant and columnist on new media and small business marketing).

For companies it can be important to be up to date, to know what is posted where, when there are made comments on what, particularly when they present themselves in various social media platforms.  Postling enables you to bring all your social media activities together and to manage them from one spot.

Here you can read about how Postling works.

Then I found out more about Postling and that it cannot be used outside of the United States since it uses a review tool which is only available in the U.S.

So I went on with my search, and found some other web services that might be doing it. On Emma Cossey’s The Alternion Review: The Best Way To Organise Your Online Life? some web services are presented like Threadsy or Alternion and there is given a short overview of how to use them. She also shows some advantages as well as disadvantages of Alternion.

Alternion is similar to Postling, it is a free web service and there you can combine all you social web activity and it works outside the U.S. as well. It can also provide you with analytic information.

So you see, there are some possibilities to organize and keep an overview over your social media activities.

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One Response to How to keep track of your social media engagement

  1. Jose Jimenez says:

    Thanks the article. Ive heard of Postling but not Threadsy or Alternion. I will take a look at these two and I may even try them out.

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