Advertisement that is contagious?

Do you remember the famous computer game Moorhuhn?   

During the early 2000s it was very popular with teens but also many adults became addicted to it.

I just remember the game as it appeared to be, a computer game where you had to kill as many “Moorhühner” as you could in a certain time. But I will come back to that later.

In my last post I wrote about personalized advertising, and how that affects our daily life and how businesses benefit from it. Now I want to present you another marketing strategy that can be really persuasive and whose content will get stuck in your head.

It spreads like a virus, and you must be careful if you do not want to get infected.

I am talking about Viral Marketing. This is a marketing strategy that mostly uses social media and networks to call the attention of sometimes thousands or millions of people and can create a real internet buzz. Viral Marketers use short video clips, blog entries, emails or chats to spread a message which promotes their products or services. But it is not like any other advertisement; very often you do not recognize it immediately as advertisement.

And Moorhuhn was exactly that. Behind the computer game was an advertising campaign of the Scottish whiskey brand Johnnie Walker, created by the company Phenomedia AG in 1999. The computer game’s enormous popularity was passed on to the brand.

This was very effective viral marketing, and there are many other examples (to get to know more examples, go to or watch this: 

However, viral marketing can be very unpredictable, as it is difficult to say what appeals to people and what leaves them unmoved so that they will not continue to spread it. There are some criteria which should be fulfilled in order to create a successful viral advertisement, that means the video, game or content of email should be surprising, entertaining, useful and unique, so that it will be remembered. Also the time and environment must be right.

Created correctly, viral marketing will show you that there are many other positive effects: there is no limit to its expansion, it will work again and again and it does not have to be expensive, it can actually be really cheap.

If you are interested in the topic, go to to get to know useful viral marketing techniques.

You can also learn how use Facebook for viral marketing: .

(By the way, the video I showed you before with the guys jumping into jeans was an advertising campaign for the jeans brand Levi’s.)

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