Youtube Business… (promoting your business with youtube 2)

Changyong Yi (299361)

Does any of you use youtube daily?

probably yes to watch something or to look for something.

All of you may annoyed sometimes with youtube ads when you try to watch video on the web site.

Since I’ve been uploading videos (18videos) on my youtube account (channel), I was hoping to be chosen by Google to put up some ads on my videos.

Here is a Good news, but it can be also bad news (because most of youtube users might annoyed more often in this way).

You don’t need to wait to be chosen by Google to put up some ads on your private videos to get some money but you can just put up the ads by yourself.

Here is how to put up the Google ads on your youtube videos via Google AdSense.

Step 1: Go to your AdSense Set Up Page and click on the YouTube (Video Units) option as pointed out in the image below (of course you gotta get a google adsense account and log into)

Step 2: Agree to legal disclaimer

Step 3: Confirm your AdSense account with YouTube. You are taken to YouTube after you agree to the disclaimer. This is where you plugin your AdSense account information, so YouTube and AdSense can communicate.

Step 4: When that is done, it should tell you they have associated your account with YouTube.

Step 5: Then you set up your first player. You define the player name and description, the layout and the colors also.

Step 6: Define the content matching options. You can let Google figure out your content and provide relevant video ads, or you can help with hints or by specifying the content you want on your site.

Step 7:Then you just click the generate ad code

wow then if you are one the 1,000,000 view hit videos “uploader” then your video would bring you a lot of cash.

promote yourself and your pocket 🙂 with youtube.


About 창용 ChangYong

I am an Business Student in Berlin Germany. I'm from Gwangju Korea and looking for a business idea here in Germany.
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One Response to Youtube Business… (promoting your business with youtube 2)

  1. mengmei says:

    good information~Thanks for sharing it with us. Actually, I do not know the purpose of this to be chosen by Google to put up some ads on your private videos. is it to make money?
    How clever you are! just chose an easy way to write this blog, not only to finish it, but also provide us some useful information and let us know more. And you use seven steps to teach us how to do it, with pictures beside, clearly. but I think this blog seems a little short, although I do not know how to improve it yet:sbecause I think you have done all that can be done.

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