You’re on Facebook! And everywhere else?

Ever wondered where those pictures that you post on facebook actually go to? And who can view them, consequently follow your seemingly private life right to down to details, like where you stopped by for lunch this afternoon?

Following up on changyi’s post about being able to ‘google yourself’, I decided to share some of my own thoughts on privacy issues as well, particularly in relation to our ever so popular social networking platform- Facebook.

We post a lot of content on Facebook, like pictures of our
day out in the park or a night out in town, information about ourselves etc. All these information can be accessed by anyone on the web! Except, of course, in the case where you set certain privacy settings so that only certain people can view your profile.

However, I question how effective these privacy barriers are? Technology is so advanced nowadays, I’m sure there are people out there who can crack the code and retrieve these information. So to me, the Internet is never 100% safe. However, we have a desire within us to share things that happen to us, or things that we see, or just things about ourselves in general. Thus I feel that we all should exercise responsibility for what we post on the Internet and on Facebook, and think twice about sharing too much about our private lives (unless you really do want random strangers to know every single minute detail of your life)!

Iris Ng

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