He said he would stop, but eventually he couldn’t…

The question is, who is he and what is it that he wanted to suppress?
Three years ago I was backpacking in Vietnam. On the way to the Cuc Phuong National Park we met this guy as he was heading the same way by motorbike. Naturally, western people get into a conversation very easily when travelling in Asia, and so did we. He, Elmar from the Netherlands,was telling me about his trips around the world and I was fascinated by his stories. When he told me he wanted to quit travelling and find a job I was rather skeptical. How can a person stop to follow his passion only because he thinks it does not look good in the CV? Long story short, we became friends on facebook and I was constantly updated about what he was up to.
I followed him one month: he arrived back in the Netherlands. I followed him half a year: he was still in the Netherlands. After one year I received an invitation on Facebook: “Global Trade Project”? I was wondering, what is going on now?
And there we go.

Elmar found the perfect solution for himself to combine travelling, doing business and helping local communities. He had the idea to discover unknown talents and to let the world know about their unique work. Elmar created a website and linked it to several social community pages in order to let as many people as possible know about his journey and his discovered talents. He efficiently uses all opportunities Information Technology provides him to promote his idea. His well structured website allows the reader to follow his route easily and the self-made youtube videos of his “talents” he embeds on his website let the potential buyer of the handicraft know about the backgrounds and the production processes.
Elmar is not making big money with his project because he is not doing it because he wants to squeeze out every penny out of one’s pocket but because it is his passion. But he understands pretty well how modern information technology can be used in order to present and spread an idea. New ideas and innovations are probably more important than ever before, especially for companies who want to ensure their position not only now but also in the future.

Julia J.
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One Response to He said he would stop, but eventually he couldn’t…

  1. Marina Zaitseva says:

    Hallochen, Julia!

    I was random checking our blogs and I found your Post! Again and again I realized how it is important to make a good heading! You have a captivating heading! And the post itself too!

    I have two opinions upon what Elmar is doing. The first one – great ! great and great!! As u said, he is not a simple traveler, but he is to “combine travelling, doing business and helping local communities”… These words remind me of one documentary movie I saw it some months ago, may be you ask Elmar if he saw it or not, it’s called “A map for Saturday”, which is mainly about a guy who did a long trip around the world and after made a MOVIE!))) I am sure Elmar will love this movie. This is a perfect movie where travellings meet IT.

    Concerning the second opinion, but this is not about IT – why would you be skeptical if Elmar would have found a job? Travelling is passion and if passion lasted for a long time, one day it will disappear. I would rather be skeptical that being an adult somebody will prefer just to travel the whole life! Infintile.

    It is great that Elmar combines travelling and a project, I like this idea totally!))
    And I find it cool that you told us about his idea)


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