Three weeks have passed now since the new semester started and I am already looking forward to some vacations. Well, actually I am looking back, wanting to go back to Brazil where I spent some wonderful weeks during semester break. To somehow keep that holiday feeling a while longer, I brought some souvenirs to Germany, mainly Guaraná, a delicious soft drink that is really popular in Brazil. Of course I drank it all within a few days, and now I am wondering where on earth I can get more of the stuff! But I didn’t see a place where you can buy Guaraná in Germany.

While searching the web, I discovered some online grocery stores from the United States and Great Britain, where you can get fruits, Japanese food, and many different things you buy online and receive by courier. There are even online menus you can order and virtual supermarkets in that you almost feel like in a real supermarket while strolling around, filling your trolley with all kinds of snacks. They really have a huge assortment. (If you want to try it, go to:
https://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/FirstTimerWizard/Step1c.aspx?DestinationUrl=127 )

After visiting some websites and looking at a lot of food, I was surprised that apparently you can buy everything online, but I also realized that I wouldn’t want to do it. I mean, you can’t be sure if the food is still fresh by only looking at a photo of it, you sometimes have to touch or smell it. And I guess only in a real supermarket or farmer’s market you’ll get inspired for a good meal.

To come back to my problem: I found out that there are different ways to get food (or beverage) through the World Wide Web. But Brazil is far away, it would make more sense to start producing Guaraná over here in Germany. Till that day, I have to try to be satisfied with this
it’s a commercial I found on the website of Guaraná Antarctica, my favorite Guaraná producer.

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One Response to E-food

  1. lisabu00 says:

    Hey karen,
    I really understand your urgend desire for something you can’t get. But I really had to laugh how you discovered the opportunities of the internet to get it – so your desire has to be really bad 😉
    Automatically I had to see, how this online-supermarkets work and your provided link helped me with that.
    I think it’s kind of strange, to buy bread and vegetables or even meat and fish by a click on a button. The meaning of food as enjoyable, delicious and relaxing gets completely lost and it becomes an item like a toy.
    So very nice post which helps me appreciate my daily trip to bakery and supermarket. 🙂 It was really pleasant to read.
    Good Job!

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